Job Interview


1. Ascolta e completa con le parole mancanti:

Interviewer, Ellen: Hi! Thanks for coming to the interview today. It’s nice to meet you!

Interviewed, Matthew: Thank you!

Ellen: To begin with, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

Matthew: Ok, ehmm…yeah… I’ve always been interested in teaching in a language program like this, and I graduated with a degree in English and Psychology eight years ago.

Ellen: Oh, really, both?

Matthew: Yeah, and then I __________ my first job overseas in Japan.

Ellen: Oh, wow. That’s pretty __________. What did you do there? What kind of work?

Matthew: Well, I worked full time for a private language school in Tokyo for the first two years, and then I found a job at a community college.

Ellen: Oh really? So, exactly what did you do in your work there then?

Matthew: Well, I taught English and culinary arts.

Ellen: You taught cooking classes?

Matthew: Well, well, I know it sounds like an unusual combination, but I completed a program in culinary arts before I got my English and Psychology degrees.

Ellen: Oh, Wow. You’ve done a lot, haven’t you? [ Yeah. ] So, what exactly, how did you teach and what exactly did you do?

Matthew: Well, many of my students wanted to become chefs in restaurants, or they wanted to start their own restaurants and in our area, there were many tourists tourist spots. A lot of tourists came to that particular area, and so with English, they would be able to communicate not only with suppliers, you know things that they need for restaurant’s food and __________, but also with their customers, and so I taught them English and cooking at the same time.

Ellen: Wow. That’s, that’s pretty impressive. That’s interesting. [ . . . and tasty. ] Oh, I bet. So, why did you return to the United States? How long have you been back?

Matthew: I’ve been back for probably about a year now.

Ellen: Okay, so what brought you back then?

Matthew: Well, one of my former students opened a sushi restaurant in town, and he asked me to work with him.

Ellen: Really? What’s the name of the restaurant?

Matthew: Well, it’s called Flying Sushi. Have you ever __________ of it?

Ellen: Yes, I’ve been there. Their food is fabulous; it’s __________. It’s really hard just to get a reservation there.

Matthew: I know, and, well, I work there two weeknights, and uh, and then . . .

Ellen: So, two nights a week you’re working there still?

Matthew: Right, right, but then, but . . . I want to return to teaching. I’ve also been working as a therapist at a treatment center for teenagers __________ with depression and other mental health disorders.

Ellen: Oh, wow, that would be a really interesting job.

Matthew: It is, it is.

Ellen: Wow. You have such a wide range of experience. You know, to be honest, we have __________ people who are applying for this position. You’ve got quite a background, but why don’t you tell me three reasons why you would be the best person for this job.

Matthew: Um, well, first of all I understand that different students have different learning styles, and for that reason, I have used iPads, video, music, cooking, drama, role plays, and games to reach every student. [ That’s good. ] And second, I have a background in academic and psychological __________ and advising [ Uh, huh ] . . . skills that are often needed, you know, in working with international students.

Ellen: Yeah, that could be really helpful.

Matthew: Yeah, so you know, many of them struggle with, uh, emotional __________, you know, home sickness…

Ellen: Yeah, coming to a new place . . .

Matthew: Right, so making the transition can be very __________, and uh . . .

Ellen: Good. So, what would you say would be a third reason?

Matthew: And finally, I speak four different languages . . . .

Ellen: Four? Wow! What languages do you speak?

Matthew: Well, I speak Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese at an advanced level. [ At an advanced level? Wow. ] And I also speak Arabic at a high-intermediate level.

Ellen: That’s very, very impressive. You do have an impressive resume.

Matthew: Thank you.

Ellen: Uh, what we’re doing . . . we’re going to have two rounds of interviews, and we will contact you on Friday and let you know whether or not you’ll be coming back for the second round of interviews.

Matthew: Okay.

Ellen: It’s been really nice meeting you, and thank you for your time.


2. Completa con le parole nel riquadro:

  1. The woman’s resume was so ___________ that we interviewed her immediately.
  2. This city is a great ______________ where many come on their vacations.
  3. I hope you can ______________ a fabulous job as soon as possible.
  4. The service in this restaurant is ____________, and for that reason, the price is expensive.
  5. Has your mother _______________ depression for a long time? She looks so down.
  6. The army gained an ________________  victory


Useful tips!

Dead-end job = A  job that provides no chance for promotion or advancement
This is a real dead-end job, so I’m thinking about quitting soon.

To hire = to give somebody a job
The company won a contract and hired one hundred new staff.

To fire = to force somebody to leave their job
They fired him for being late each morning.

Make up your wages = to round its own salary
I’d like to land a second job just to make up my wages!

Vacantion (US)              A period of time when you are not at work or school
Holidays (UK)                Mr Walsh is away on holiday/vacation this week!

Accomplishment = An impressive thing that is done or achieved after a lot of work
Cristina celebrated her accomplishment with an ice cream.

To handle: to deal with a situation, a person, an area of work or a strong emotion
This matter has been handled very badly.


3. Scegli la risposta giusta:

1. When did you start your current ____________________ ( = job)?
a. position
b. place
c. work

2. I left my last job because I felt that they didn’t recognize my ___________________ .
a. accomplishments
b. accommodations
c. acclimation

3. Tell me a little about your ____________________ job.
a. past
b. finished
c. previous

4. I developed good communication skills ____________________ as a customer service representative.
a. while working
b. when working
c. by working

5. What does “rep” stand for?
a. representative
b. republican
c. reprimand

6. You shouldn’t discuss salary until the interviewer ____________________ ( = starts talking about it).
a. brings up
b. brings it on
c. brings it up

7. An interviewer might ask you what your “salary ____________________” are. This is the formal way of asking how much money you require.
a. needs
b. requirements
c. desires

8. Many companies want to hire someone who can ____________________ well.
a. take pressure/stress
b. handle pressure/stress
c. get pressure/stress



Esercizio 1:
landed, impressive, so forth, heard, top-notch, struggling, fifteen, counseling, turmoil, overwhelming

Esercizio 2:
1. impressive
2. tourist spot
3. land
4. top notch
5. struggled with
6. overwhelming

Esercizio 3:
1 a; 2 a; 3 c; 4 a; 5 a; 6 c; 7 b; 8 b



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