Neil ha bevuto troppo alla festa di addio di una collega. 
Impara i diversi usi della parola do:

Neil: I’m Neil Edgeller.

Feifei: And I’m Feng Feifei. Neil, you look terrible! You’ve got red eyes, grey skin and your voice is so rough!

Neil: Oh, Feifei, you’re right. I feel terrible. I went to a leaving do last night and I drank too much beer… and wine…

Feifei: A leaving do? Do?

Neil: Yes, a leaving do. A colleague has got a job at another company and had a party to celebrate his last day.

Feifei: So it was a party?

Neil: Yes, that’s what I said. It was a leaving do.

Feifei: Right, so ‘do’ is a noun and it means party?

Neil: Yes, that’s right. It’s British English. Urgh.

Feifei: Ah, so in British English, another word for party is ‘do’.

A: Did you enjoy Mary’s wedding?
B: Oh, it was an amazing do. The food was delicious and there was an excellent band playing. We danced all night!

A: Oh, hi Dave. We’re having a bit of a do on Saturday and wondered if you and Sally would like to come over?
B: Thanks, that would be great. You two always put on a good do.

 So is this a common word?

Neil: Yes, you’ll hear it all the time: especially in certain phrases.

Feifei: Like what?

Neil: Well, a leaving do.

Feifei: A leaving do.

Neil: And a bit of a do – we’re having a bit of a do.

Feifei: A bit of a do. So, was it a good leaving do last night?

Neil: Um, yes, yes, yes it was very good… I think. I can’t really remember…

Feifei: Go home and get some sleep!

Neil: That’s a very, very good idea. Bye for now.

Feifei: Bye!

from BBC Learning English

Maria Scalici


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