Aggettivi e pronomi possessivi

Possessive adjectives (aggettivi possessivi) and possessive pronouns (pronomi possessivi) are usually compound forms which include a definite article that is not translated into English. The forms of the possessive adjective are:

il mio i miei la mia le mie my
il tuo i tuoi la tua le tue your, familiar
il suo i suoi la sua le sue his, her or your, polite
il nostro i nostri la nostra le nostre our
il vostro i vostri la vostra le vostre your, familiar
il loro i loro la loro le loro their, theirs or your, polite 

Possessive pronouns are the same in form to possessive adjectives; the difference is in meaning.  Where possessive adjective il mio means my, for example, possessive pronoun il mio means mine:

le tue scarpe e le mie (your shoes and mine)

It is important to note that possessives agree in gender and number with the thing possessed, rather than with the possessor:

i miei amici  (my friends), la loro automobile  (their car)

If ambiguity results from the use of possessives, possession may be expressed by means of di with a disjunctive pronoun:

la sua valigia (his or her or your suitcase); la valigia di lui (his suitcase)

If the possessor is also the subject of the sentence,  proprio may be used instead of suo or loro:

Giovanni porta la propria valigia (John carries his own suitcase)

Proprio must be used after impersonal expressions:

Bisogna portare le proprie valigie (must carry one’s own pieces of luggage)

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